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About Us

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone has the responsibility to themselves to remain true to themselves. To be free and embrace this journey that life has given.  Freedom in who you are…Freedom in your thinking…Freedom to live your life the way you see fit. To love who you are and know that you are beautiful. To understand that you are completely in control of your destiny and you ultimately control the outcome.

We believe the Earth is our largest asset and it’s our responsibility to preserve and restore it. Our focus is to enhance one’s natural beauty with semi-precious gemstones, recycled metal, wood and seed beads and repurposed leather we source from upholstery and garment factories. Our pieces are designed by hand from the heart with the intention of making one feel absolutely amazing.

Inspired by nature and beautiful scenery, colors and geometric shapes, we create unique, timeless, wearable pieces of art for men and women. Every piece is handcrafted in our studio in Grayson, Georgia, USA.

Ekocreashunz was founded by Lisa and Alexis Denson, a dynamic mom and daughter duo. We started creating jewelry as a hobby in 2008 and heeded to the requests of friends and family to turn it into a business in late 2010. Designing jewelry has always been an outlet. We look forward to creating amazing pieces that will speak to your personality encompassing your right to be free!