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Linen/Body Spray - The Mancave Collection

$ 12.00

All Natural Linen/Body Spray

The Mancave Collection

Elevate your space with The Mancave Collection Linen/Body Spray! Create a vibe with these bold, masculine scents. An all-in-one spray for your body, room, and linens. Transform any environment into a mancave with this perfect blend of scents!

New look, same goodness. We kept the original scents, but added a few new ones. Available in 2 oz black spray bottle.


Jack + Joe (not shown) Imagine your favorite creamy brew made the Irish way. Bold Irish whiskey, with a splash of vanilla and hint of coffee.

Smoked Oud is a smokey, regal and rich and capturing the notes of Arabic spices, whiskey, agarwood resin (oud) and spice-laden green tobacco leaves

Perfect Gentleman blends sandalwood & musk, with notes of amber, cedar, clover, and lavender. Inspired by Santal 33.

Gray Sweats blends lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver. Our best selling masculine fragrance.

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