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Nectar Skin Glaze

by EKO
$ 18.00

Natural Skin Glaze for Dry Skin

Embrace the essence of nature's gentle touch with Nectar, a delicately formulated skin glaze designed for those seeking a soothing embrace for their skin. Crafted with an understanding of the delicate nature of skin, our blend is enriched with organic, natural ingredients that are kind to your skin.

While we make no medical claims, Nectar is mindfully formulated for individuals who experience dry skin conditions. Our unique blend aims to provide a feeling of relief and comfort to your skin, leaving it feeling nurtured and looking radiant.

Experience the gentle, soothing touch of nature with each application. Nectar is your ally in embracing the beauty of your skin, every day. 

Made with natural, organic ingredients. No coconut or shea. No preservatives, parabens, alcohol, or artificial ingredients. Safe for all skin types.

Carrot seed oil - High in vitamin A, fights inflammation, repairs skin cells

Hemp butter - Easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory, rich in omega 3

Avocado butter - Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants

Vitamin E oil - Boosts skin barrier

Kokum butter - Anti-inflammatory that soothes skin irritation

Babassu oil - Easily absorbed, high in antioxidants