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"I Choose Love"

"I Choose Love"

"I have decided to stick with love...Hate is too great a burden to bear." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
In a society where sometimes it's gotten much easier to hate than to love, we must condition ourselves to love intentionally. We have to choose to love, even when it's uncomfortable and unlikely. The alternative takes much more energy and brings internal unhappiness. We must choose love in spite of other people's ignorance, choices, beliefs and decisions. We must choose love when someone has a different viewpoint than we do. Hate cannot be the immediate response to differences. That's what makes the world so beautiful...we are all different.
We must remember that we all have choices and we have to be held accountable for those choices. It is much better to choose love, whether it's love for ourselves or love for mankind. Choose love when you speak or react to situations. I know this may sound silly, but when you feel like you're about to say something you can't take back...take a deep breath and think of a another way you can express yourself. Choose love when people speak to inappropriately or treat you unfairly, it doesn't have to anything could simply walk away before things escalate. Choosing love and taking the high road kinda go hand in hand.
This design was inspired by the quote above, while reflecting on how much things have changed and how far we still have to go. I challenge you to say this to yourself a few times a day, until it becomes second nature for you. I choose love!
Every day for the rest of the month of February, I will choose a design from The Affirmations Collection and share with you why it exists. I will explain why I included it and why I feel it's important. I would love to hear your thoughts if you want to include your input.
Peace & Love,
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