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The Affirmations Collection is Here!

The Affirmations Collection is Here!

The Affirmations Collection was created to remind you how amazing you are. Often times we get caught up in our routines and take ourselves for granted. These unique handcrafted pieces of wearable art were designed to emphasize that it's okay to be just who you are. Society has a way of making us feel inadequate, unworthy and beaten up by the ridiculous standards that have been put in place. We want you to know that you are enough to take on whatever comes your way and you get to wear them on your wrist as a constant reminder!

We are so excited to release this collection. We truly believe you should be mindful how we speak to yourself. Our goal with this collection is simply to uplift and reinforce positive thinking. This is one collection we want you to take personal, because it is.

We carefully selected the best quality stones and hand stamped each charms. The colors range from neutral to earth tones to bold, bright colors. Customization is available for this collection. Send us a message through the Contact Us form or email us at We look forward to celebrating you and all of your awesomeness! Check it out here and let us know what you think! ❤


Lisa & Alexis

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