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Need a mental health day?

Need a mental health day?

5 signs you need to take a mental health day

Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Sometimes that stress peaks and becomes unbearable. You may be one of those people who just tries to "push through" these moments. However, not recognizing when you're reaching your breaking point is the fast track to burnout. 

In case you didn't know, a mental health day is simply a day where you unplug, destress, and not try to solve any of the world's problems. It's a break in the endless cycle of "doing", where you give yourself a moment to breathe and regroup. Here are 5 signs indicating you need one as soon as possible:

  1. You are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. It literally feel like the walls are closing in on you. Your to-do list is constantly growing and you're stagnant, in a state of mental paralysis.
  2. You are having trouble sleeping or focusing. Restless nights and unproductive days are becoming normal. There is so much on your mind, it's keeping you up at night, Yet when you're awake, you can't focus because you're tired and slightly cranky.
  3. Your mood is low and you're feeling anxious or depressed. It takes a lot to make you happy. You lack excitement and you just want to be alone.
  4. You are struggling with your every day life tasks. If you're normally an organized person and you realize your environment is filled with clutter, this is a huge warning sign. You just don't feel like doing the basic things you need to get done.
  5. You constantly find yourself longing for "new" or "different" things or scenery. It's so easy to get caught up in the monotony of every day life. You often wonder if there more that you're supposed to be doing.

Feeling any or all of these is an indicator that a reset will do your mind, body, and soul a world of good. Take a day off of work and give yourself exactly what it needs. Whether it's a long drive, a day at the spa or a spa day at home, cuddle up with your favorite book, insert laughter into your life again, do something that feels good internally. 

If you're looking for a pamper day at home, The Serenity Bundle or The Self Care Box for Men are great choices filled with aromatherapy and good vibes.

           The Serenity Bundle - SmallMancave Self Care BoxRegardless how you spend your mental health, just take it. Nothing is worth you hitting a wall and ending up in total burnout.


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